Writing Tricks (for Cambridge, Trinity and Aptis exams)

Writing Tricks, by Mada J González

Welcome to “Writing tricks,” a free, online course to improve your writing skills. As an English teacher, I know how hard writing is. I will show you how to connect words to make sentences; how to use punctuation; how to write effective paragraphs; how to write coherent and cohesive texts; how to write an essay, articles, reviews, letters, emails, reports, proposal, stories.

You’ll understand how to pass the written part of Cambridge First, Cambridge Advanced, Trinity College ISE, APTIS, IELTS, and most English exams. If you like the course, reach out on facebook.com/writingtricks.

Visit the course organised in collections and “how tos”: https://mix.com/madagonzalez/collections

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A selection of the peak positions reached by “Writing Tricks,” considered as a whole podcast. The ranking includes the country, Chart platform, Category and dates. Source: chartable.com.

Top 4 – Luxembourg (Apple Podcasts, Language Learning, 03-29-2020).
  • Top 1 – Nepal (Apple Podcasts, Language learning, 08-31-2020)
  • Top 1 – Romania (Apple Podcasts, Language learning, 11-13-2019)
  • Top 2 – Slovenia (Apple Podcasts, Language learning, 07-10-2020)
  • Top 4 – Luxembourg (Apple Podcasts, Language learning, 03-29-2020)
  • Top 5  – Brunei Darussalam (Apple Podcasts, Language learning, 10-09-2020)
  • Top 6 – Czech Republic (Apple Podcasts, Language learning, 09-04-2020)
  • Top 7 – Sierra Leone (Apple Podcasts, Education, 09-24-2019)
  • Top 8 – Ireland (Apple Podcasts, Language learning, 10-26-2019)
  • Top 8 – Philippines (Apple Podcasts, Language learning, 07-02-2020)
  • Top 9 – Spain (Apple Podcasts, Language learning, 10-04-2020)
  • Top 10 – Armenia (Apple Podcasts, Language learning, 12-17-2019)

Mada González, TOEFL

I am an English teacher and educational materials developer. My area of expertise is teaching English as a foreign language. My mission is to develop innovative teaching methods and materials so that students can 一 once and for all 一 stop studying grammar and start communicating effectively in English.

I have over 10 years of classroom experience preparing students for official English exams (Trinity College and Cambridge University) and I’m a Certified Teacher in Curriculum Development and English Language Arts.

If you want to send me feedback, ideas for collaboration, etc, send me an email to : contact@madagonzalez.com

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